Metal Works London as a complete service provider for metal fabrication does Tig welding , Arc welding, Stick welding and plasma cutting these services been only a few of our integral activities.


At Metal Works London Tig welding, Arc welding and Stick welding are amongst the high priority areas of our professional fabrication operation.

  • Spotwelding London
  • Arc welding

Processes of welding used at Metal Works include arc and gas methods. Arc electrodes for arc welding are operated by electricity and use electrodes for generating required heat for melting a metal sheet or bar. A shielding inert gas is used for protecting the welded spot. Gas welding is the commonest form of welding done at Metal Works. A combination of oxygen and acetylene is used to produce the requisite heat to melt the metal pieces required to be welded together.
Plasma Cutter

At Metal Works we have a team of experienced and professional Tig welders and Arc welders and plasma cutter for performing all our specialized fabrication jobs. All our welders are protected with gloves and visors. Any Tig welder working at Metal Works is more of an artisan than a mechanic. Though welding is purely a mechanical method of fusing metal pieces, we at Metal Works treat it as a creative form.

Welding Patterns Tig Welding and Arc Welding

A fine example of artistry through welding is our grill patterns. Metal sheets of various gauges are cut and bend to form floral designs, geometric patterns, or abstract representations. It takes sufficient effort on the part of a Tig welders and Arc welders to create grill patterns from metal strips, sheets, and bars. Grills now-a-days are becoming a common feature for homes in London.

A definitive advantage of grills designed by Metal Works as compare to other forms of protection is that these allow clear vision of the outside but dies not allow any form of intrusions. Apart from several standard grill patterns welded from metal sheets, our welders are experts in creating customized patterns. In fact, customized welded patterns are always looked upon as opportunities by our London Tig welders and Arc welders at Metal Works London.
Stick Welding

In addition to ornamental and constructional jobs, our Tig welders and Arc welders are qualified to fabricate furniture for your home and office. Welding is an essential part of making metal furniture such as chairs or safes. Our Tig welders and Arc welders at Metal Works after making note of all your pre-requisites would create the perfect furniture as per your need. Making furniture as per your specific requirements is a specialty of our our Tig welders and Arc welders. The next time you wonder 'I need a Tig welders or Arc welders' just remember to contact Metal Works in London.


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