Powder Coating


Metal Works London offer all powder coating services. Powder coating is essentially a coating type applied in the form of free flowing powder particularly on metal surfaces. Powder coating is a substitute for paints without the usual solvent and filler parts. Powder coating is an electrostatic process where heat is applied for the free flow of powder through powder spray guns. This thermoplastic powder then forms a thin skin and gets applied on a surface.

Alloy wheels powder coating

Metal powder coating was first introduced in United States in the 1950's and is now used in almost 15 percent of all surfacing jobs. Apart from automobile bodies, powder coating is extensively used in sports goods, and manufacturing industries. At Metal Works London we do motorbike powder coating, bicycle powder coating, and alloy wheels powder coating, Powder coating of metallic frames is also an important area of operation at Metal Works.

Process of Powder Coating

For getting the best motorbike powder coating, four-wheeler powder coating or bicycle powder coating job in London, you could always rely on Metal Works. The process of metal powder coating followed at Metal Works London is highly methodical and completed in three interlinked stages: i) pre-treatment or part preparation, ii) application, iii) curing. All metal surfaces go through these three steps before it is thoroughly powder coated.

Pre-treatment – This process involves removal of grease, oil, soil, welding scales, and metallic oxides that might be present on a metallic surface. Both mechanical and chemical processes are used for pre-treatment of metallic bodies. Mechanical processes include shot blasting, sand blasting and abrasive blasting. Chemical methods of pre-treatment include spray applications of chromates or phosphates. Pre-treatment nit only cleans the metallic surface to be powder coated, but enhances bonding between powder and metal surface.

Application – Use of electrostatic gun for spraying powder is the usual process of powder coating used at Metal Works London. The powder inside a spray gun develops a positive charge while the metallic surface to be powdered remains grounded. Compressed air sprayed at high speed helps formation of electrostatic charge between the powder particles and metal surface. The nozzle used for spraying depends on the shape of the surface to be powder coated. However, before powder is sprayed onto a metallic object it is heated allowing the powder particles to melt and form a uniform thin film. On cooling this film becomes hard and scratch proof.

Curing - Curing is a process wherein a thermoplastic powder or substance is exposed to melting temperature allowing it to flow and chemically react to form a polymer of higher weight. This curing or cross linking process could be carried out at a specific temperature and for a definite time span. This curing time varies with the nature of coating powder.
Powder Coating and its Advantages

Powder coating done at Metal Works London offers a durable coating to metallic surfaces and hence used in motorbike powder coating, bicycle powder coating, and even in powder coating frames. Powder coated surfaces are more resistant to chemicals, moisture, impact and even ultra violet rays as compared to liquid paint. Corrosion, scratches, and chipping are also prevented to a greater extent. The finish of any surface that is powder coated is of uniform appearance when viewed from any angle. This is not the case with liquid spray painting.

In London, Metal Works uses the best powders and electrostatic guns for giving perfect finish to your automobile or any other metallic frames.

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